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Home Heat With a Trombe Wall

A Trombe wall is gaining popularity as a simple passive solution to heating your home with the sun. Being passive, your expense for pumps, tubes and fancy solar collectors is avoided. Using any material for the wall that absorbs the sun's heat during the day and, using a series of well-placed vents, will circulate the heat back through the house at night. When you start investigating the benefits of building a Trombe wall, you will find lots of references to a thermal mass and insulated glazing material. Don't let the terminology baffle you. A thermal mass can be adobe, stone, concrete, or even water tanks, like old water heaters. Insulated glazing material refers to two or more glass panes, spaced apart and hermetically sealed to resist the heat flow, like storm windows. Other materials, like polyester panels, can also be used as glazing materials, but glass works the most efficiently. Simply put, the sun heats the south-facing wall behind the two panes of insulated glass. The wall, usually 8" to 16" thick...


The Scoop on Solar Ovens

Solar ovens are slowly gaining popularity as more than a hard-core survival practice taught to military personnel. They are easy to make and do not require fancy tools or hardware. Even though the solar oven can be constructed out of stuff you've been stepping over in your garage for years, it is not a toy. If built large enough, one can cook an entire meal for a family. In campgrounds where campfires are not allowed, you can combine a useful project for your children during the morning and use it to cook dinner later that afternoon. Just remember that it is not like the oven in your kitchen and requires more time under the sun to do the same job. But, you can bake most items with sunshine that you can bake in your kitchen. What you have to do in order to cook with sunshine is transform that sunshine into heat. That is accomplished by shining sunlight onto dark surfaces. The best color to use to absorb heat is black. It absorbs almost all of the visible light that hits it and reflects very little, if any, ...


Technology is Making Home Wind Power A Good Option

With the threat of global warming constantly in front of us with devastating storms and odd weather patterns, many are thinking about doing something to help our environment. One solution is reducing our normal usage of purchased electricity from power companies by accessing the power of the wind. Using the wind to generate power for your usage is easily available and modern technology has made it very efficient for homeowners wanting to "go green." After building the wind turbine, the energy you create will not add to the pollution we are living with today. One powerful benefit of corralling the wind is that remote areas not provided access from the usual power grid can make their own electricity and sell any excess back to the power company they were prevented from using. Small towns can relieve their residents of hefty power bills by building their own wind turbines. Technology is under constant change, but currently the largest turbine available can provide electricity to around 500 homes. That's a pret...


Consider Using Solar to Heat Your Water

Heating your water with the sun might be the easiest step you can take in your journey to becoming completely "Green." As in any new process or technology, you will have to make a few adjustments to your appliances. In this case, those adjustments include purchasing a solar powered water heater and possibly a storage tank. In some cases you might be able to adjust your current water heater. Before you do anything, research the options available to you carefully. There's no reason to spend money on a new purchase if you don't need to. It is possible to make your own solar power source if you are handy with tools and have the patience to do a good job. There are kits and plans for sale all over the Internet. A Google search will turn up many options that will help you build your own solar water heater if you like adventure. Before you get too involved, it might be a good idea to find a solar power or "Going Green" forum or blog to get your questions answered and get advice from those who have experience they'...


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